populationAbundance [pop] v.2.1.0 (current)

Long form: populationAbundance() Short form: pop()

A populationAbundance function captures population changes in a taxon, e.g., a species, subspecies, or phylum, OR a cell population, e.g. adipocytes, epithelial, muscle cells.

Function Signatures

populationAbundance(NSArg, loc()?)
  1. Namespace argument of following type(s): Species, Cell

  2. Zero or one of each function(s): location


Penicillin decreases the population of Streptococcus entericus

a(CHEBI:penicillin) decreases pop(TAX:1123302)

California Mule Deer increases population of gray wolves

pop(TAX:598490) increases pop(TAX:9612)

Firmicutes bacteria increases obesity

pop(TAX:1239) increases path(MESH:Obesity)

A heterogeneous population of microbiome bacteria

composite(pop(TAX:xxxx), pop(TAX:yyyy)) increases ...

A drug decreases the population of adipocytes

a(CHEBI:metformin) decreases pop(MESH:"Adipocytes, White")

P. falciparum invasion of RBCs increases malaria

complex(pop(NCBI:txid5833), pop(CL:erythrocyte)) increases path(DO:malaria)

S. typhimurium in complex with L-ficolin (an opsonin) enhances phagocytosis [PMID:8576206]

complex(pop(NCBI:txid90371), p(HGNC:FCN2)) increases bp(GO:phagocytosis)

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