Official documentation for BEL

The BEL Specifications documented here are created and approved by the BEL Language Committee. Any recommendations to update the BEL language or dependent best practices should be added as a BEP (BEL enhancement proposal).

Please use the navigation menu to the left to find out more about the BEL Language. To get started, we would suggest reading in the following order:

  1. Language Structure
  2. BEL Assertions
  3. Namespaces
  4. Annotations
  5. References


  • Add more examples for BEL functions and relations
  • Spend a LOT of time adding to the Tutorials section and Getting Started section


This is an open-standard and open-source based effort. If you are interested in participating, please contact [email protected] or jump into the Discussion forum for guidance on where to get started. We’d love to have you join us in making biology more reusable, shareable and computable.

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