molecularActivity [ma] v.2.1.0 (current)

Long form: molecularActivity() Short form: ma()

molecularActivity(ns:v) or ma(ns:v) is used to denote a specific type of activity function within an activity() term.

NOTE - The default BEL namespace (DEFAULT) includes commonly used molecular activity types, mapping directly to the BEL 1.0 activity functions.

Function Signatures

  1. Namespace argument or default namespace argument (without prefix) of following type(s): Activity


default BEL namespace, transcriptional activity (DEFAULT namespace is optional)

act(p(HGNC:FOXO1), ma(DEFAULT:tscript))

GO molecular function namespace, transcriptional activity

act(p(HGNC:FOXO1), ma(GO:"nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity"))

default BEL namespace, kinase activity

act(p(HGNC:AKT1), ma(kin))

GO molecular function namespace, kinase activity

act(p(HGNC:AKT1), ma(GO:"kinase activity"))

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