compositeAbundance [composite] v.2.1.0 (current)

Long form: compositeAbundance() Short form: composite()

The compositeAbundance() function takes a list of abundance terms.

The compositeAbundance() or composite() function is used to represent cases where multiple abundances synergize to produce an effect. The list is unordered, thus different orderings of the arguments should be interpreted as the same term. This function should not be used if any of the abundances alone are reported to cause the effect. compositeAbundance() terms should be used only as subjects of statements, not as objects.

Function Signatures

compositeAbundance(a|act|p|g|m|r|complex|pop(), NSArg)
  1. Zero or more of each function(s): abundance, activity, proteinAbundance, geneAbundance, microRNAAbundance, rnaAbundance, complexAbundance, populationAbundance

  2. Zero or more namespace arguments of following type(s): Complex


IL-6 and IL-23 synergistically induce Th17 differentiation.

composite(p(HGNC:IL6), complex(GO:"interleukin-23 complex")) increases bp(GO:"T-helper 17 cell differentiation")

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