complexAbundance [complex] v.2.1.0 (current)

Long form: complexAbundance() Short form: complex()

The complexAbundance() or complex() function can be used with either a namespace value or with a list of abundance terms.

complexAbundance(ns:v) or complex(ns:v) denotes the abundance of the molecular complex designated by the value v in the namespace ns. This form is generally used to identify abundances of named complexes.

complexAbundance() denotes the abundance of the molecular complex of members of the abundances denoted by , a list of abundance terms supplied as arguments. The list is unordered, thus different orderings of the arguments should be interpreted as the same term. Members of a molecular complex retain their individual identities. The complexAbundance() function does not specify the duration or stability of the interaction of the members of the complex.

Function Signatures

complexAbundance(a|p|g|m|r|pop(), NSArg, loc()?)
  1. Zero or more of each function(s): abundance, proteinAbundance, geneAbundance, microRNAAbundance, rnaAbundance, populationAbundance

  2. Zero or more namespace arguments of following type(s): Complex

  3. Zero or one of each function(s): location


Named complex

complex(SCOMP:"AP-1 Complex")

complex built from list of abundance terms

complex(p(HGNC:FOS), p(HGNC:JUN))

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